Friday, July 9, 2010

Pablove In Nike / Livestrong's Tour de France Commercial

For the second year in a row, Nike and Livestrong have included Pablove in their Tour de France commercial. This year, the spot features a chorus of cancer voices talking over a beautiful video of Lance Armstrong climbing a mountain in France. In fact, the climb you see here was in the final bit of today's TdF stage. Midway through the clip, you'll hear my voice speaking about The Pablove Foundation.

It's a real honor to be included. I have spoken a lot how important it is for my writing and Pablove's thrust to be included in the cancer conversation. This spot is a literal tribute to what I have spoken about figuratively in many interviews during Pablove Across America. So cool.

Our gratitude goes out to Lance and our friends at Livestrong—Doug, Renee, Alison, Chris, Colin, and many others. They have treated us like family from the day we met them. And they continue to support us—as friends, fellow warriors on the front lines of cancer, and in the growth of The Pablove Foundation.

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