Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Geronimo! (New Mexico)

Rick Babington and me, Geronimo-jumping, at Geronimo, New Mexico

Here's Rick, Fred Gillich, me and Stan Barrett

We're preparing the launch of Pablove Across America 2010. So, tonight, I'm looking through a stack of DVDs filled with amazing pics from last year's ride, taken by our mechanic, Chad Contreras. There are so many photos that capture fun and funny moments, breathtaking landscapes, and roadside oddities of all kinds. Then, I came across these great photos from Geronimo, New Mexico, taken on November 12, 2009. Do you recall seeing these during the ride? I'm not sure that we ever posted these pics. Even if we did, they're so cool, I have to share them again....

In the days leading up to our arrival in Geronimo, we talked about how cool it would be to get the city sign photo. This single word—Geronimo!—captured Pablo's personality more than just about any other. I forgot that I'd done a jump under the city sign. Looking at the photo as I sit here on the sofa, I'm not sure I could jump that high today.

Unless Pablo himself walked into the living room. That would make me Geronimo jump like a madman!

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Anonymous said...

If you're passing through Phoenix, maybe I can try to get us all in an accident with the metro again trying to find where I suggested you all eat! There are some new really great places here...
---- thinking about your fam, and wore my P<3 shirt with my cousin Polly a couple of weekends ago in remembrance of your cool kid!

Jen Downing