Friday, October 8, 2010

Pablove Across America 2010 Day 7 Evening Dedication: Luke Piersol


Heather said...

Sweet Baby Luke.The first precious child we had the honor of meeting,on day one of Zoey's diagnosis.We were in clinic,waiting in a room for "the plan",and in came this angel of a boy and his beautiful family.As I have told John and Laura often,I remember what Luke was wearing that day.Will never forget him,ever, because he lives in my heat now.

As does Pablo,and I too remember everything about the first day I met P and that oh so cool,mix of hospital clothing and pirate garb.Stole my heart and as I told him,I was a skull and crossbones kind a girl myself.I secretly coveted his tennis shoes with the skulls on the soles!

So appropriate the ride you are taking tomorrow and the analogy of what that particular area reminded you of, because,and you may already may know this but Luke's middle name is Muir.

Coincidence.I think not.

Love to you Jeff.I know this one was especially tough.

thepiersolfamily said...

We love you all so much. Thank you for remembering Luke. It is so sweet for us hear you talk of him, as painful and sad as it is that our boys didn't make it. You all, and others we met on this journey, are some of the precious gifts Luke gave us through his all too short life. We love you guys, we thank you for what you are doing and can only imagine how emotionally difficult it must be at times. Truly we have a bond with you, a lifelong bond with you and we love you. Godspeed to our boys, and to the other children playing in heaven.

Jeff, did you know Luke's middle name is Muir, named after John Muir? Or is it "coincidence" that Luke's dedication preceded your ride into the Muir wilderness? Quotes intentional. God is with us, and Luke and Pablo really are happy and ok.

Jeff, thank you for doing this for these kids, for a cure, for Pablo, for all the future parents and kids who will avoid this nightmare when a cure is found, for the day when the cure will be a shot in the arm. You are truly an inspiration. We love you.