Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pablove Across America 2010

In the name of Pablo Thrailkill Castelaz, and cancer kids and their families everywhere, Pablove Across America will roll again in 2010. This year, we will start on October 2 at the Space Needle in Seattle and roll straight down the west coast to Los Angeles. We will end at Pablo's grave at Forest Lawn.

This event is The Pablove Foundation's biggest fundraising and heart gathering event. If you ride a bike, we'd love for you to sign up and join us. 20 cyclists have already signed up. This year, there's a weekly fundraising minimum for riders. If you are not a cyclist, please drop a donation into the bucket on the site. We have a serious goal this year: $500,000. We need our ranks to swell in order to meet this goal, so we're hoping you will help promote the ride via our social networking sites.
The good news is that we're already 24% of the way to that goal.

While I have your attention on this topic, I wanna tell you something about Pablove Across America:

Last year, I was a man possessed. Possessed of a broken heart. Filled with 13 months of ingrown energy, sleepless nights, watching my son's spirit grow beyond description—so much so that it eventually left his body behind while it went on to the next place. I'm not sure what that next place is called. But I know Pablo is having a hell of a lot of fun there.

Some days on the bike, it was as if I were chasing after Pablo's spirit, trying to keep pace with it. Other days, I felt pain and longing and cosmic muck ripping through my abdomen and out my tear ducts. Every day, no matter what, I tried to commune with Pablo's spirit. My quest for connection to him carried me through the wet and wild humidity of the southeast,
the stout hills around Austin and west Texas, the canyons of Arizona, and through the the rugged, Mars-like mountains of east California.

When we pedal away from the Space Needle on October 2, I do not know how I will feel, or what we'll experience. I do know that Pablo will be with me, with us, and we'll bring his incredible six-year-old energy with us to every hospital visit, and on every pedal stroke.

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